Shanmugam Rajamanickam

Mr. Shanmugam Rajamanickam
Founder, Chairman and Chief Architect, M/S Redema. For manufacturing Special Purpose Machines b) M/S Plant Engineering Services For manufacturing high precision components. Chennai.

About Mr. Shanmugam Rajamanickam

Mr. Shanmugam Rajamanickam is an entrepreneur who creates entrepreneurs. He hails from the village Kandramanickam, near Karaikudi. He is an alumni of the PSG College of Engineering. He is the Founder Partner of two premier manufacturing firms, M/S Redema and M/S Plant Engineering Services at Ambattur and Sriperumbudur. M/S Redema is in the field of manufacturing Special Purpose Machines, known for innovative products. M/S Plant Engineering Services is high precision components manufacturing company. His outfits are known for robust innovation and user friendly world class products, that commands a clientele across India, Europe and North America. Importantly his benevolent desire to share knowledge and experience has motivated many an employee into successful entrepreneurs themselves. The Rotary movement is another abiding passion of Rajamanickam. A Charter member and a Past President of the Rotary Club of Aarch City has been constantly striving for the betterment of the community around.