Infra-structure facilities for B.Sc. (Agriculture) Course
The infrastructure facilities available at Sethu Bhaskara Agricultural College and Research Foundation is excellent.
  • Total land of about 234 acres available, in which students can practice any agricultural technique that they learn. This land availability on site is much more that what is required as per the the norms of Tamil Nadu Agriculture University.
  • The cultivable land comprises wet land, Dry land, Garden land orchard , Botanical garden, Floriculture, Medical plants garden, Vegetable garden and spices and condiments are available as per TNAU specification.
  • Crops like blackgram, maize, paddy has been cultivated. Paddy harvested. Herbal plot available. Mango plantation available.
  • Percolation pond for rain water harvesting is available.
  • Shade net is present. Mist chamber, Glass house, Green house available.
  • Well-Constructed buildings to the extent of 1,28,867 Sq.Ft. With good ventilation and light provides a conducive atmosphere for learning and teaching.
  • Sprawling play ground space is adequate as per DTCP approved site plan with stadium and indoor games facility to maintain the physical and Mental fitness of the students.
  • Computers with broadband connectivity has been set up.
  • Lecture halls with overhead projector, Suitable to accommodate students is available.
  • Full-Fledged laboratory for each department has been set up.
  • Library with text books, Basic journals with internet facility and photocopying machine has been set up to facilitate students to take up reference work and for advance research.
  • Placement cell, Admission cell, Communication lab and examination hall available.
  • Central instrumentation facility with essential instruments (HPCL, GC, GLC, HPTLC, AAS. PH Meter, Calorimeter, Pressure Plate) is available.
  • Soil Science Lab with separate glass-wares and chemicals for individual students is available. Insert a dash mark
  • Well-Equipped audio-visual room is available.
  • Spacious well-ventilated auditorium is available.