Mr. Mohamed Gani Mohamed Ehiya
Founder, Chief Architect and Director of the following companies spread across the globe: Black Tulip Flowers LLC – Sharjah, May Flower- Sharjah, June Flower – Dubai, Black Tulip Flowers – Doha, Garden Flora Exports Ltd – Kenya, Garden Freight Logistic – Kenya, Black Petals Ltd – Kenya, New Holland Flowers – Kenya, Blue Sky Ltd – Kenya, Flora Market Ltd – Kenya, Black Tulip Fresh Produce LLC – Dubai

About Mr. Mohamed Gani Mohamed Ehiya

He is born at Nadukkadai, near Thiruvaiyaru, a culturally rich town on the banks of the Cauvery, in Thanjavur district , Tamil Nadu. He is born for Haji Mohamed Gani and Mrs Ameer John of conventional family.

He has literally conquered the World by his business acumen. He traveled to Middle East at the age of 19, joined his Elder Brother Mr Basheer Ahmed to look for a prospective future, struggled to find Good Job at that time and then Joined a Flower Shop as a sales person. A new horizon dawned when he formed a flower shop at Ajman in the name of Sun Flora Trading. His younger brother Mr Sadiq Batcha , joined him in the business. With his experience he moved to Sharjah to lay the foundation for Black Tulip Flower in the year 1993. In 2000 – Formed a company at Malaysia in the name of Garden Flora Exports Sdn Bhd, in 2002 – formed a Company at Kenya in the name of Garden Flora Exports Ltd. He formed successively and successfully the companies in many countries – In 2003 Blue Sky ( K ) Ltd at Naivash, Kenya, In 2004 Iris Biotech Ltd – Bangalore – India, In 2007 Black Petals Ltd – Kenya, Laurel Investments Ltd – Kenya, Gem Flora ( Kenya ) Ltd – Kenya, Golden Tulip Farm Ltd – Kenya, Utee Estate Ltd – Kenya, Partnering in to Mau Flora Ltd Kenya, Belflora International Pty Ltd , Sydney – Audtralia, Black Tulips USA LLC , Florida – USA, Weng Hoa Flower Boutique Sdn Bhd , Kuala- Lumpur – Malaysia, Black Tulip Co Ltd , Bangkok – Thailand, Black Tulip International LLC , Muscat- Oman. In India he has a spectrum of activities in the areas of Real Estate, Tourism, Transporatation and Petroleum products distribution.

He is a great philanthropist. He loves social assistance. His notable contributions include: A Building been constructed and donated at Thiruvaiyaru to the school where he studied & managed by Hindus, Extended Financial support to renovate a Church at Thanjavur District, Constructed and Donated a Grand Mosque at the birth place in the remembrance of his father.