Mr. V. Amarendiran
Vice Principal, Sethu Bhaskara School, Pudhur, Chennai.

About Mr. V. Amarendiran

Mr. V. AMARENDIRAN was born as the son of a farmer in a small village Avularangaiapalli in Vellore district. He did his graduation in Chennai and his B.Ed at Vellore. He is an M.B.A from University of Madras and is now pursuing his Masters in Psychology in University of Madras. He is a veteran teacher with 3 decades of experience. He was awarded the best teacher award in 1999 by Rotary club of Annanagar and Nannadathai Nayagan award in 2013. Rotary International bestowed on him again the best teacher award in 2014. He is also is the recipient of the Samuthaya Sirpi award in January 2016. His service to humankind in the field of education is exceptionally supreme.